CP King Brand Update


CP King
(Previously CarparKing)

About the Project:

CarparKing came to Graphics Unlimited to help with the update and launch of their new name and identity as CP King. CP King being cark park specialists supplying solutions for all car parking needs, they felt that their existing branding and logo was too light and didn’t show their strength within the industry.

ā€“ Original Brand Logo

We took this and created a bold structured logo that had variations giving it the flexibility to be used across a range of items while retaining brand recognition. The main elements behind the new brand being stenciled text (used in line markings for car parks), dark contrast with black (representing the inside or underground of parking structures) as well as a gold crown (King, top of their market).

A consistent icon set was also created to help CP King illustrate their product segments to their customer base in a clear and easily recognisable way. These use the dark contrast established in the look of the logo and highlight product features using the crown gold.

These elements used together on their business stationery, website, and any further materials help set them in a strong position within their industry

Updated Brand Logo

Arrangement and colour variants ā€“ vertical, horizontal, and an isolated symbol for flexible application

Structure of Vertical Logo arrangement

Icon set created to illustrate CP King product segments

CP King Business Card Front

CP King Business Card Back