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Having your book printed is easy compared to the massive task of writing it.

Book Printing & Binding

You’ve written a novel or created a family history and want to get your book printed. Or perhaps its a historical manuscript which needs archival quality paper. Maybe you just need some Invoice or Receipt Books for your business. Whatever the case Graphics Unlimited specialise in book printing and will make the whole process easy for you.

There are many different types of books and each type comes with its own special characteristics and there are many choices to make. One of the choices is the type of binding you want. Novels or Self-help books are generally Soft or Perfect Bound (often referred to as Paperbacks) but can also be Hard or Case Bound. Smaller books or rather books with fewer pages, are often Saddle Stitched (see Booklets for more information) or can be Wiro Bound, Coil or Comb Bound as these methods are typically used for Marketing Books, Work Books and Manuals.

Invoice & Order Books are generally Quarter Bound with a thicker crocodile board front cover with binding tape to cover the staples which hold the book together. Typically these books are printed on carbonless paper and in duplicate or triplicate.

Each method has its own individual benefits but often the purpose of the book you’re printing determines which type of binding should be chosen.

Advice and Guidance 

Regardless of what type of book you’re having printed, there are always choices to be made. The type & weight of paper, the layout and design of the book (see Design for more information), the size of the finished book, etc. all have an impact on the finished result, so choose carefully.

The team at Graphics Unlimited will always guide you through the entire process, showing you examples and explaining the options and benefits.


Perfect Bound Books

Saddle Stitch Books

Hard Cover or Case Bound Books

Wire Bound Books

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Cover Design

One of the most important aspects to be considered is the design of your cover. Even if you can supply the finished (ready to print) artwork for your book, I would recommend having the cover professionally designed. If you intend selling your book, the cover can be the difference between your book being picked up or left on the shelf – you only get one chance to make a good first impression and books are judged by their cover.

If you are planning to get a book printed…

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