Environmental Policy

Introduction and Aim

Graphics Unlimited is a family-run printing business, operating from a site in Thomastown, Victoria. Our main products are printing office stationery, banners, books and car wrapping along with graphic design works. We recognise that our operations result in emissions to air and water, and the generation of waste. It is our aim to comply with legislation and other requirements and continue to reduce the environmental impacts of our business and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. This policy describes how we will achieve our aim.

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Our Environmental Mission

To promote environmentally responsible printing practices to our industry in general that support business, clients and the planet alike.


This environmental policy applies to all of our operations including management, office services, printing, delivery and procurement. Barry Williams, Director is responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented. However, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.


We will ensure that resources are available to enable us to achieve our objectives and targets.


Our ongoing goals are to:

  • Reduce solvent consumption and the emission of volatile organic compounds
  • Reduce the generation of general and hazardous (special) wastes
  • Reduce energy consumption by replacing as many lights with energy-efficient globes
  • Limit the need for reprints due to design changes.
  • Reuse all available packaging materials when shipping orders to clients. If no used packaging material is available, only use recycled shipping materials.
  • Encourage customers to print on recycled paper options when available.
  • Inform all customers and suppliers of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.
  • Only print in colour when necessary.
  • Print on both sides of paper wherever possible (and encourage clients to do the same)


To maintain our focus, we regularly;

  • Inform all customers and suppliers about our environmental policy
  • Regularly review our definition of good housekeeping for solvent and ink use, ensuring all employees receive ongoing training in good housekeeping and incorporate this training into the induction programme for any new team members.
  • Review our ink management system to reduce the amount of waste ink being disposed
  • Maintain waste paper recycling efforts and ensure this includes paper towelling and tissue.
  • Offer ALL print requests the option to use recycled options that use pulp from sustainable resources ( ie planted from renewable forests)

Monitoring and Auditing

Progress against these objectives will be monitored through monthly management meetings.

Graphics Unlimited is committed to continually reducing our environmental impact by exploring (and improving where possible) the technology available to us to reduce our emissions. This can include new ways of recycling, waste reduction and ink usage.

The environment is an important part of our business decisions and it is considered before any significant changes occur to in-house technology, suppliers used or services offered.


This environmental policy is available on request. We encourage all of our clients to review our environmental policy regularly and adopt any objectives or targets in their own offices and business as well. If you wish to obtain a copy or would like to discuss our progress against our objectives, please telephone 03 9465 9522

Barry Williams

Graphics Unlimited