A great way to provide information about how you can help your customers

Like all marketing material, the information in your printed brochures should be less about you and more about how you can help your customers.

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Whilst this is more critical if you are using the brochures to attract new business, it is still important that your existing clients see the benefits of doing business with you, so the front (or first page) should ideally have a strong heading, a descriptive image and a visually pleasing design.

The shape and size of your brochure is often determined by the amount of information you want to include, the purpose of the brochure, how they are going to be distributed and what will make them stand out from your competition. If you’re unsure of what you want, we can guide you through the whole process to make brochures that are amazing and will impress whoever sees them.

If you’d like to see some samples, we have an enormous collection we’ve printed previously because we’ve been working with people just like you for over 30 years.

To help give your brochures the edge, you can add a variety of finishes and embellishments like varnish, laminate, die-cutting, embossing, foil, etc. Talk to us today about what you want to achieve and we’ll help you choose which finishing options are right for you.

A4 4 page Brochure

DL Z-fold Brochure

Concertina Fold Brochure

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is filling pages with loads of information. These days most people scan what they see and only read the detail if they think you might be a good fit to solve their problem. So if your brochures look cluttered or text heavy, most people will ignore them. You’d be better off spreading the information out over more pages and making good use of the white space.

If the information is vital, then booklets (or multi page brochures) could be the answer! You can have a number of 4-page sections collated together and stapled on the fold. See Saddle Stitch Books under Booklets for more information.


If your marketing is not getting the response you expect, maybe it’s time to talk to us about integrating your Digital and Print Marketing to reach the right people more often.

Brochure Design

Depending on the purpose of your brochures, the design is often more important than the content itself. It is one of the main reasons a brochure is noticed and the content consumed and acted upon.

If you want your brochures to be effective and attract attention then I recommend you have it professionally designed.

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