Invoice Books, Quote Books, Purchase Order Books

If you still use carbonless books, Graphics Unlimited has you covered.

Invoice Books

Whether you need Invoice Books, Quote Books, Purchase Order Books, Labour Time Sheet Books or some other type of book, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need, and they showcase your brand, just like all your other marketing material.​

There are many different configurations, and the range of choices can be confusing, so if you’re unfamiliar with the terminology the team at Graphics Unlimited will help you get what you need.

Below is a list of the major choices:

Portrait or Landscape
Duplicate, Triplicate or Quadruplicate
Qtr Bound on left hand side or at top​
Numbering and Perforating
Range of Cover & Tape Colours
Holes drilled if required​

Customised layout to suit your Invoice/Quote Book Printing Needs

Your invoice books can be a standard size like A4 or A5 or can be made to any size you want and can be designed to match your Branding… and writing flaps are always included.

Whatever you need, we’ll guide you through the whole process, from creating the design to printing and binding your books.


Carbonless Paper is standard for all the Invoice/Quote Books printed at Graphics Unlimited and comes in a range of colours – white, blue, pink, yellow and green. Most people choose to have a white top sheet (because it typically goes to the client) and a different coloured second and/or third sheet. You can also choose to have the top sheet in a heavier weight.

Size & Shape

When choosing what size you need, don’t forget about the binding margin. For instance, if you want the page that tears out of the book to be A4 you’ll need at least 15 mm extra on the binding edge. So, the final size of the books will be 297×225 mm (bound on LHS) or 312×210 mm (bound at top).


Most Carbonless Books are quarter bound (stapled along one edge with a crocodile board front cover, binding tape and writing flaps. Usually, the last sheet is not perforated and stays in the book for ease of storage and filing, however sometime all sheets are perforated and tear out. If this is the case having Pads rather than Books is a viable option.


Design plays a major role in all printed material and can have significant impact on the effectiveness of your books. A poor layout will make the books harder to use and don’t forget, your customers receive one of the sheets so make sure your books match your Brand. Check out our Design Services.