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The first thing most business people do when meeting a prospect for the first time is to give them a Business Card. You want that person to remember who you are and be able to contact you in the future, right?

Well, think of your business card as a picture, a window into your business because most people remember pictures, not names. So, therefore, it stands to reason that you have Business Cards that are capable of creating a great first impression and will be remembered.

The same goes for other stationery too… Letterheads, Invoices, Envelopes, Presentation Folders, etc. Every time you send or present information to a prospect (or client) you want to reinforce that first impression you made. Brand recognition is only achieved by frequently and consistently exposing your Brand to those people who you want to become your customers. Even your digital communication should be designed within your Brand perimeters.

The Internet, expansion of Email, development of Apps and use of digital devices has caused a significant reduction in the need for many stationery items. After all, who sends letters anymore? However, you might be surprised to learn that in some circumstances there is a resurgence.

What was old is new again and the reason is often marketing based, the opportunity to stand out, be different from your competitors. Tactile products can activate most of your senses and are more likely to be kept, where emails (which typically utilises only one sense – your sight) can very easily be deleted or ignored.

We are not suggesting you don’t use email, it will be received almost instantly and is a great communication tool, however, if you really want to make an impression, consider sending something in the mail, it will certainly stand out.

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