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Business is competitive and in an effort to get ahead we are constantly looking for ways to stand out and get noticed, so its no surprise that large-scale signage is really taking off.

Iconic buildings around the world, like the Empire State Building in New York or the Louvre in Paris, are great draw cards for tourism and thousands of people flock to visit them every year. How would it change your business if you had that sort of magnetic appeal?


Exhibition Signage


Pull-up Banners



The humble factories and businesses in the suburbs have traditionally had just a small sign on the facia of the building or a sign out the front. However many are now using their buildings in a much more dramatic and dynamic way to be more visible to the marketplace.

Some years ago, we did it to our own building, see our Contact page, and it’s now much more common to see a company’s brand all over their building. Bunnings buildings are a great example as they are just big warehouses, but I’m sure you’ll agree they are very hard to miss. Most of the time, this sort of signage not only improves the streetscape, but importantly gives businesses an opportunity to be much more visible where previously they have been basically invisible.

Today signage is everywhere! And I’m not just talking about buildings. Many companies are turning their cars, trucks and other vehicles into rolling billboards. You can have signage on floors and footpaths, entry mats at your front door and flags and banners are very common.

If you are considering some of these things, it’s important that you use a professional designer to make sure that your signage is true to your brand and also that you’re getting the most from the opportunity.

And let’s not forget about the many types of indoor signage – wall and window signage, Posters, Exhibitions stands, Pull up banners, Point of Sale Displays, etc. Wouldn’t it be good if everywhere your customer’s looked, they saw your brand.

Graphics Unlimited make everything so easy. Their personalised service, skill and attention to detail help me to communicate more effectively with the College community.

Pamela Griffin

St Monica’s College, Epping

The primary purpose of signage is to attract attention or provide directional information (and we don’t mean street signs), so regardless of the business you’re in, it’s likely you’ll need some sort of signage. 

Our team are specialists at creating quality signage and our designers will ensure your signage is visually appealing and designed specifically for its intended purpose. Give us a call to find out what we can do for your business.

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