Cougar Footwear Brand Update


Cougar Safety Footwear

About the Project:

Cougar Safety Footwear was after a refresh of their brand – having worked with Graphics Unlimited previously to create the existing brand there was existing confidence in the relationship to help with the new direction.

– Old Cougar Footwear Logo

The first element of the project was to look at the logo. This was initially designed in 2007 and had an established presence within the market, so although some different icon ideas were explored, the direction was to use the familiar illustrative element of the cougar and freshen up the other aspects of the design.

The cougar itself has been flipped, giving the motion of moving forward as opposed to backward in the previous version. Adjustments in the illustration and angle reinforce that movement. These elements plus the use of the angled script for the company name add a lot more motion and energy to the look even though it is a static image.

This logo design then informed the direction of the next stage of the project which included the update and design of their:
–  Business Stationery
–  Packaging
–  Product Brochures
–  Marketing Materials
–  Website


Refreshed Cougar Footwear Logo

New shoe box design

New shoe box design & application of new logo to boot

A1 Boot Poster for point of sale

A1 Logo Poster for point of sale

New Socks Packaging

New Product Brochure

Product information sheets

Product information sheets for email

Note Pads

New business card design

Website design