Marketing is EVERYTHING!

What is marketing and how does it affect your business? Some people believe it’s vital to business success whilst others believe it’s all just a bit airy fairy and a waste of money. What do you think?

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Well why not take a moment and look closely at your own business! Walk outside, close your eyes, put yourself in a customer mindset then take a fresh look at what you see. Are you impressed or disappointed? Now take a look at the reception area, is it clean and tidy or dirty and untidy? Does anybody greet you with a smile and welcome you to the business? Can you see at a glance what solutions your business offers? Do you have a strong brand presence? Obviously, these things are more important if you have customers visiting your premises, but don’t discount the affect this can also have on your staff and how passionately they will promote your business.

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Now what about your Business Cards – when you give someone your card, will they know what you do or is it just contact information? Make no mistake, it will make an impression on everyone who receives it, but the question you really need the answer to is… What sort of impression does it leave? Will someone you gave a card to six months ago remember you when they find your card amongst dozens of others?

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Then there’s the company marketing material/brochures, your website, social media posts, the various advertising items, etc. Take a critical look at all that too. Is it all about you? Look at me! look at me! Or does it show the solutions you provide. You’ll get more interest if you showcase how you’ve solved a particular problem or how you’ve helped a clients achieve something outstanding.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll show you 10 things you must do if you want your marketing material to be really effective.

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Marketing Tip:

Always remember what Marketing expert Paul McCarthy says, “Marketing is everything. From how you present yourself, the signage on your premises, the presentation of your office, your advertising, social media presence and obviously the material you send out to your market”.