Marketing – 10 things you can easily do…

These days everybody can DIY. If you have the time and a basic understanding of the principles of good design then you should be able to create some good results, however, will it make up for the knowledge, experience and value that a professional graphic designer can bring to your business.

So, to help you make the most of your opportunities, we’ve put together an easy-to-read, practical guide booklet to help you understand (and implement) some of the basic fundamentals of graphic design.

Tip 2

How to attract customers in a digital world

In our last newsletter we discussed how to be different and STAND OUT. Tip 2 is about the 3 P’s … Your marketing message should be … Personalised, Professional and Polished.

Almost all small business marketing is outside these areas. It’s neither professional or spectacular, memorable or impressive. It’s rarely thoughtful nor motivating and often not personalised.

Because we can ‘DIY’ we do, after all it saves money. But that is often a fatal flaw. Firstly, we are taking time away from doing the things in our business that make us money and secondly, we are trying to do something we do not have the skill or experience for.

Good Graphic Designers have completed a 4-year Uni degree, after having a natural skill and aptitude for the craft, then are usually under the guidance of a senior designer for a number of years before being skilled or experienced enough to provide you with high quality designs that are effective and engaging.

Then there are still the people who believe that if you send a flyer (good or bad) to enough people you’ll get the response you need. I cannot begin to explain why this is just an expensive exercise in futility.

To start with you need to:

1. Know your target market;
2. Address them directly; and
3. Provide solutions to their problems

Marketing that is highly polished, professional and hand crafted with a personal touch will have much more impact and leave a lasting impression as it will better connect with your audience and make them feel like you are talking directly to them and providing a solution that fits their exact requirements.

Let us know if you’re having trouble doing it yourself and need some help.

Another Dimension Brochure Sample

Great Advice, great product.​

I recently had some brochures designed & printed by Graphics Unlimited. It was my first brochure and I had no idea what to expect. I provided a number of photos of my work and some rough wording to Barry Williams and left it to him. Several days later I received 2 draft designs and I was blown away!! He had certainly exceeded my expectations.

I took the brochures to an industry trade show and they changed the way people interacted with me. Instead of the standard disinterest I am used to, once people saw my brochures, they actually wanted to talk to me. I was able to make some excellent connections which have already resulted in new work for my business, and I expect a lot more to come. I highly recommend Barry and his team for imagination, guidance and professionalism.

Roger Knight, Another Dimension Drone Photography

In Tip 3, we’ll discuss changing the focus of your marketing message.​

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