How to attract customers in a digital world

In a world where it’s now essential to be able to communicate online are you finding it increasingly difficult to effectively communicate your marketing message? Is your marketing getting lost amongst all the noise and no longer being noticed?

The answer is to BE DIFFERENT, but how.

Below is the first of 5 tips to help you get past the noise and improve your ability to stay in touch with your customers, increase the penetration of your marketing and become the stand out brand in your marketplace.

Getting your marketing messages noticed.

Tip 1

Don’t just follow the crowd! STAND OUT by being different and become top of mind.

Statistics show that businesses are focusing less on printed forms of communication, which is blatantly obvious when you collect your mail, and the reasons seem simple and straight forward…

Targeted top of mind

1. You can’t do it yourself;

Well, you can with Canva and a good office printer. But when you add up the time it takes you and your staff (who are unlikely to have any design knowledge or experience), the quality and professionalism of the design, the cost of toner, the stuffing of envelopes, etc., it’s just not worth it.

2. It costs money for the design, printing and mailing;

Using a qualified graphic designer that understands marketing, having it professionally printed, inserted into envelopes and posted for you will ultimately cost you less and likely get you better results.

3. It generally takes longer than digital;

Of course, but instant is not necessarily best.

What is not obvious is the opportunity that process change has created.

If you are brave enough to send mail to your customers there is a high likelihood it will be opened, and read! Think about the last time you received something in the mail that wasn’t a bill. It’s almost a novelty.

But you have to be smarter about it than you were in the past. It needs to be Customer Centric. It must show the solutions you provide, not just be a calling card. A skilled graphic designer can help you with that.

It’s important to note that we are not advocating you move away from digital forms of communication, but rather combine what you’re doing online with an ‘old’ form of marketing. Get them working together and drive more traffic to your website. We have some customers doing this on a regular basis and achieving amazing results.

Ultimately what you’ll find is that your marketing will have less competition, get noticed more and gain more traction. We’re here to help if you’d like to know more.

BP Mataranka Roadhouse

Graphics Unlimited were wonderful to work with to create the new designs for not one, but two of our businesses. We were also in a rush, and they pushed the 9 different projects through to make sure we met the deadlines for the expos we had booked in.

We asked for various variations during the design processes of our marketing material and he was very patient in working with us until we found the one that worked best for us.
Graphics Unlimited are easy to work with, professional and very responsive.

I would highly the team at Graphics Unlimited to anyone looking for design services.

Wendy, BP Mataranka Roadhouse

In Tip 2, we’ll discuss how your marketing messages should have the 3 P’s…

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