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Retractable Banners are an ideal way to highlight your business at Expos, Trade Shows, Private Functions and more.

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Portable and easy to set up, Retractable or Pull up Banners are an ideal way to display individual products or services or highlight the benefits of your entire business.

They are available in numerous styles to meet your individual needs – Economy, Deluxe, Double Sided and Interchangeable, with sizes ranging from 1500×600 mm to 2150×1200 mm.

Economy Banner

Deluxe Banner

Double Sided Banner

Economy Banners are ideal for short term use but don’t expect them to last too long. Deluxe Banners have more substantial, better quality bases, longer-lasting block-out banner material and a much longer lifespan.

Consider the purpose of your banner before deciding which style and size are right for your pull up banner design.



There is no better example of how important it is to stand out than having a stand at a Trade Show. People will only stop at your stand if you manage to grab their attention.

Pull Up Banner Design

Professional Design is paramount for any type of signage and Retractable Banners are no exception. In a busy environment, you need a design that will grab attention at a glance and highlight the benefits you offer your clients.

When it comes to getting a quote, there are plenty of options to choose from…

There is no limit to the number of printed products that we can produce and each one can be as individual as you are, which is why we specialise in customisation.

To get a FREE quote, simply send us an email with all the details and let us do all the hard work for you. However, if you need some help, please give us a call and we’ll explain all the options.
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Pull Up Banner Design in Melbourne

The most important aspect of a banner is the design. It needs to be fit for purpose so that when people see it, it gets their attention, informs them about your product or services, and leaves them wanting to find out more. The banner needs to do this in just a glance, as if it doesn’t draw people’s attention, or is too confusing, they will walk right past it without giving your business a second thought.

With the help of Graphics Unlimited, you can achieve a pull up banner design that gets the attention of new customers and make your business more profitable. As qualified graphic designers in Melbourne who have experience working with businesses, we know how marketing works, and what will make your efforts more effective. Once we have finished your high-quality, eye-catching retractable banner design, we can also print it and deliver it, making your job as easy as possible.

Making Your Retractable Banner Design

When we are making your pull up banner design we will use the information you give us, and if necessary, ask you extra questions, so that we can understand exactly what your brand is about and what you are trying to achieve. Having this understanding will allow us to create designs that are consistent with your brand and will also make your marketing more effective. This is a skill that our team have developed over many years so that we can create effective designs no matter the subject matter, target audience or desired outcome.

A good banner design will be visually appealing, but it will also showcase the right message. This may differ depending on your aims but it will usually be to do with your business and the benefits that you offer. Everything that gets designed by our team will become an effective part of your marketing.

Choosing a Retractable Banner Design Services in Melbourne

If you go to a lot of expos, private functions, or events where you need to travel around, setting up and packing up as you go, a retractable banner may be perfect for you. When designed well, your banner will help your business stand out from all the others in the room, encouraging new potential customers to approach you to find out more. Once you have a pull up banner printed, you can keep reusing it again and again for every event you go to until you want a redesign. They are simple to put up and easy to transport from venue to venue. They also take up very little space, so can be stored without hassle, and be displayed without the need for a large amount of floor space.

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With a well-designed retractable banner from Graphics Unlimited, you will grab the attention of passers-by in a busy environment, leaving them intrigued to find out more. When designing retractable banners for our customers, the time we take to find out information about their business, the products and services they sell, and their marketing goals, allows us to create a banner that is consistent with their branding. It will become an effective piece of marketing for their business. Read Less

Need your Pull Up Banner design in a hurry?

Preparation for Expos and Trade Show is often left to the last minute, so please let us know your deadline – if it’s possible to do, we’ll get it done.

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