Christmas is a big deal at our house.

It is my wife’s favourite time of year. She loves all the decorations, presents under the tree, catching up with family and friends, but more than anything she loves watching the grand kids open their presents on Christmas morning, full of excitement. To see them so happy just fills her heart with joy.

But its not just about our grandchildren, she spends hours and hours writing personal messages on 100’s of Christmas Cards because she believes in making a connection with all of our (extended) family and friends. And then there’s all of her clients, the same effort goes into their Christmas Cards too. And I can tell you that she gets back the love in spades. Everybody really appreciates the effort she goes to.

Do you send Christmas Cards to your clients? Do you show them how much you appreciate them or do you just send a mail-merged digital card?

Your customers are important! They are the reason your business exists, so if you want to let them know just how important they are to you, why not start with a Christmas Card. Maybe you don’t need to go to quite the effort my wife does, but receiving a Christmas Card in the mail is so much better than opening another bill (cause that’s about all we get in the mail these days).

And as a bonus, your business will really stand out from the crowd in the mind of your clients.

We have a great range to choose from with a choice of Christmas verses too. They can be partially personalised with each recipient’s name, your logo and your signature/s. All you have to do is put the cards in the envelopes and post them. But there is space if you want to write your own personal message too.

Join in and spread the Christmas spirit this year… let your customers know you care about them and help a Charity at the same time.

If you need help or have any questions, please call us on (03) 9465 9522.

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Australian Greetings  |  AU902

Possum Dreaming  |  AU974

Merry Christmas Baubles  |  BA954

Glowing Baubles  |  BA965

Midnight Bauble  |  BA996

Sparkling Dove  |  DO923

Beach Holiday  |  FE941

Santa’s Team  |  FE950

Reindeer Selfie  |  FE979

Cheeky Trees  |  FE988

Christmas Wishes  |  FE999

Shooting Stars  |  ST927

Exquisite Star  |  ST982

Gorgeous Tree  |  TR910

Dancing Trees  |  TR939

Elegant Christmas  |  TR948

Colourful Tree  |  TR961

Vibrant Tree  |  TR977

A World Of Peace  |  X1901

Brilliant Bubbles  |  X1902

Stamped Trees  |  X1904

Reindeer Beach Cricket  |  X1905

Spiral Tree  |  X1906

Quilted Bubbles  |  X1907

From The Team  |  X1908

Modern Bauble  |  X1909

Elegant Bauble  |  X1910

Christmas Star  |  X1911

Santa Tractor  |  X1912

Happy Christmas  |  X1921

Silver Starburst  |  X1922

Vintage Christmas  |  X1923

Starburst  |  X1924

Modern Christmas  |  X1915

Stunning Bauble  |  X1916

Contemporary Tree  |  X1917

Glistening Tree  |  X1918

Retro Baubles  |  X1919

Sparkling Greetings  |  X1920


50 for $184
100 for $270
200 for $445
300 for $548
400 for $698
500 for $807

All prices are excluding GST. Artwork and personalisation are included for FREE.

To place an order, please provide the following information:

eg. Australian Greetings AU902
Messages can be personalised for each recipient

Message for inside the card will be full colour unless otherwise requested.

Please email any logos, signatures, and database (if required) to